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We've put together some interesting and informative reads. Some from external sites, some written through experience, all for your learning pleasure. Come join us on this educational journey with the small critters :)

Our articles should not be a replacement for veterinary advice if your pets require professional help. These only serve as guides to widen our knowledge.


Check out this cool care guide from Oxbow Animal Health that tells you everything you need to know to keep your pet rabbit happy and healthy!

Check out this cool care guide from Oxbow Animal Health that tells you everything you need to know to keep your pet guinea pig happy and healthy!

Hay, the most essential part of your small animals' diet, has been harvested for thousands of years. It offers many nutritional and health benefits, including the prevention of obesity and digestive issues and maintaining dental and mental health.

This guide provides a closer look at the science of hay – how and where it’s grown, how it can vary based on factors of nature, the anatomy of a hay plant, and the essential role hay plays in the daily health of small herbivores.

Hay should be the cornerstone of every small herbivore's diet. Oxbow Animal Health's infographic provides a quick look at the most important benefits hay offers to your pet.

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Cute & small, but the responsibility of owning a rabbit isnt all small & cute. We have met many kinds of bunny owners over the years, and many who wanted to get a rabbit because its small and cute.. Ask any rabbit owners and they will tell you that keeping a rabbit isnt quite what they had expected, for many reasons.  

Im not going to sugar-coat here but here’s some honest truth that any newbie might find useful or bubble-b...

Does your pet have an unusual shedding problem? Excessive scratching!? Fur loss!?

If you notice your bunny shedding excessively, leaving heaps of fur on your clothes after carrying or stroking, having constant blotchy fur or bald patches, coupled with constant scratching, shaking of head... Then you should take a closer check on your pet! A healthy clean rabbit will not shed all year round, their hair is much like human hair, o...

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