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Rabbit Poo: Golden Poop


It’s a poopy business here!

As a rabbit owner, you probably already know that rabbit poo reeks a great deal about their health. Daily we check to make sure our kids have round dry solid poo to make sure they are doing well. But that’s not all, do you know there’s even a GOLD STANDARD for rabbit poo 🤭?

What is Rabbit Golden Poo?

Rabbit golden poo, also known as "golden pellets," is a natural and healthy phenomenon in rabbits. The poo looks good because of a good high fibre diet!

Why is Rabbit Golden Poo Important?

Rabbit golden poo is more than just a pretty color; it's a sign of a healthy and happy rabbit!

Here are some reasons why:

1. Nutrient-rich diet: Golden poo indicates that your rabbit is receiving a balanced and nutrient-rich diet, especially high in hay content which is essential for their overall health and well-being. Hay fibre helps to keep their teeth in check as they grind their teeth together while breaking the hay into smaller bits to swallow. A fibrous diet aids in a more efficient digestive health!

2. Efficient digestion: The golden color shows that your rabbit's digestive system is working efficiently, breaking down and extracting nutrients from their food.

3. Gut health: Golden poo can also indicate a healthy gut microbiome, which is crucial for immune function and overall health.

How to Encourage round Golden Poo

Want to see more golden poo from your rabbit? Here are some tips:

1. Feed a balanced diet: Provide a high-quality pellet diet supplemented with unlimited supply of fresh hay, veggies, and minimal fruits. More than 80% of fibrous hay intake daily is ideal for a healthy digestive tract!

2. Keep them hydrated: Ensure your rabbit always has access to fresh water. Dehydrated poo usually doesn’t look as spherically round as a well hydrated rabbit’s poo.

3. Monitor their health: Keep an eye on your rabbit's overall health, and consult a rabbit savvy vet if you notice any changes in their poop or behavior.

At the end of the day…

Rabbit golden poo is a natural and healthy phenomenon that indicates a happy and healthy rabbit. By understanding what it is, why it's important, and how to encourage it, you can provide the best for your bunnies! So, next time you see that golden treasure in the litter box, remember it's a sign of a healthy and thriving rabbit!


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