Body Check

We'll check your pets' skin and fur for external parasites like ear mites/fur mites/scabies/ticks/fleas and advise on the current health conditions of your pets. Other things we look out for: abnormalities, injuries, ear infection, malocclusion etc.

Nail Clipping

Long nails make it difficult and painful for your pet to walk around. The nails may get caught between things or break when it gets too long. This causes bleeding and lost of nails, which will take a long time to grow. Recommended to trim bi-monthly for normal rabbits

Ear Cleaning

Wax may build up inside your pets' ears, much like humans. Sometimes they would clean them out on their own. Do not try to poke sharp objects deep into their ears while cleaning. Consult a vet if you notice something unusual about their ears. Ear mites do excrete brown crust in pets' ears and yeast infection causes thick yellow wax in ears.

Gland Cleaning

Scent Glands in Rabbits - Located beside anus of your rabbit. They discharge hormones here and it can get clogged up and stink. Rabbits check each other out by their unique smell from their glands.

Grease Glands in Guinea Pigs (cleaning only in water bath) - These glands can get greasy and fur may clump there if not maintained, just above where the invisible tail should be.

Brush Down of Coat (Stripping of Lose Fur when needed)

It is important to brush down your pet's fur coat to prevent ingestion of the hair which may cause hairballs (much like cats) to form in the gut. Inefficient gut movement renders your pet more vulnerable to G.I. stasis (Google this out for more info). Brushing once a week would help remove dead fur and more often for long haired breeds like angoras, lionheads, jerseys etc.

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Detangling of Matted Fur (Chargeble for difficult tangles)

Some owners rush to purchase a furry bunny due to its fluffy cuteness, not knowing the high maintenance it requires. Breeds like angoras can get badly matted fur as quickly as a week. Matted fur promotes bacteria growth and parasitic reproduction, especially at the anal region and can cause inflammation. Short haired animals can soil themselves with saliva, poo or pee too. Be sure to brush and check their coat regularly, if not, a groomer will do the job for you (:

Shaping & Trimming of Fur

We'll trim up paw pads and anal area of your pets to keep it neat and clean. Body coat for long hair services can be trimmed to your preference. Let us know what style you prefer (:

Powder Bath & Water Bath + Blow Dry

By default, we do powder bath for all rabbits, unless necessary for health reasons. Rabbits get stressed easily and most fear water. Powder bath service uses only powder, no water involved. The dry bath remove certain debris and not fur stains. Stains can only be trimmed off.

Water bath with shampoo for rabbits. Cleans out the fur coat of pee and derbis (only light new stains ca be lightened, or trimmed off). The coat will feel smoother after a thorough blow-dry! Washing helps soothe an itchy butt and to wash away urine stains that may cause inflammation due to messy pets or irregular cleaning of cages. Common problems with poor husbandry are sore hocks and bald patches on the butt due to uric acid burns.

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Did you know..

Rabbits' nails can get long like these!

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