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Sanko papaya enzymes:
$9.50 purely tablet form
~ 68pieces a packet
Box recommends 2-3piece a rabbit daily.

Oxbow natural science papaya support: $17 big tablet mixed with hay bits, i didnt count (Maybe someone can help me out here, but i reckon about 50-80?). Recommends 1-2piece per guineapig/chinchilla/rabbit daily. (But i suppose since a rabbit is bigger than a guinea pig or chin, they would need 2 daily).

We personally have issues getting all our kids on all the natural science series (the hay tablets), cos they used to love the normal tablet vit c and papaya.. but since they stopped manufacturing, our kids had no problem taking to sanko vit c tablets n sanko papaya enzymes.

Wild Sanko Papaya Supplement Tablets

S$11.24 Regular Price
S$9.50Sale Price
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