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Hands down my favourtie grooming tool, wished i had known about this earlier. Its a total life-saver for owners who have shedding animals. Have you had furballs roll by the floor, fur flying pass the dining table, fur in your bed, your clothes, your mouth??


Sometimes its really a chore to brush in the house, cos of the clean up needed after... but this tool takes grooming to another level! No more chasing after flying fur with a vacuum cleaner or lint rolling the whole ground and hoping I didnt miss any fur, and hoping my mum didnt find stray fur on the furnitures. This vaccuum sucks everything beautifully and even gives a sleek neat finish after, no loose fur sticking to the bunny/dog/cat due to static created after brushing!!


This small rabbit sized vaccuum is super handy, cos it is light to carry around, small to store in small spaces, soft enough at the lowest setting to work effectively but not scare a rabbit to death!


Comes with 5 attachment heads

1. Deshedder

2. Slicker Brush

3. Shaver (with multiple blade length attachments)

4. Cleaning Brush

5. Cleaning Nozzle (you can vaccuum window seals and inbetween sofas)


- 3 Power Mods

- 1 Year Warranty with local distributor (please keep invoice, hard or photographed softcopy is fine)

Only good things to say about this! Check in with us for a special promo code

Neabot 5 in 1 Grooming Kit Vaccuum

$219.00 Regular Price
$199.00Sale Price
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