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Our favourite and most efficient clipper by far! We use this on the smallest rabbit & guinea pig to medium breed dogs like golden retrievers and this sturdy & sharp nail clipper does the trick! We have been using this for years and it still works magic! Other small dog clippers tend to wear down after multiple usage but this one maintains its sharpness after extended usage, worth the money. Comes with a small nail file.

*Most small animal clippers in the market are small, and not suitable for us nor the pets. The small clippers seem to be a little too small for my comfort. It isnt as sharp as the dog clippers. And because it is small and less sharp, alot more strength is needed to cut through an adult rabbit nail, which also creates a bigger impact on the animal's nail. Most animals jump when they feel a sensation on their paws/nails, so the impact on the nail from using small clipper actually causes more discomfort to an animal compared to using a sharp and bigger clipper which can snip through easily and quickly. It is already stressful enough to cut precisely aiming away from the flesh of our pet, it is double the stress trying to snap through tough nails and triple the stress when the animal starts moving around because he feels that nail clipper fumbling around its nails! (Our humble opinion lahh).

Nail Clipper + Nail File

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