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Beautiful Marukan Rabbit Harness/ Rabbit Leash! 

The harness comes with a bell, a marukan tag that allows you to pen your pet's name and address. The figure 8 harness is detachable from the leash (the thing that you hold), so you can leave the harness on your bunny anytime. A plastic clasp secures the harness.

Great for walking pets outdoors and even indoors! Dont underestimate the power of the harness/leash. Its a good tool for training your bunny to "come", "stand" or even letting them know where their boundaries around the house are. 

Size around the neck: 14 - 22cm 
Size round the rib (underarms): 18 - 30cm 
Length of the leash (the part that you are pulling): 120cm

Comes in 4colours Baby Blue, Light pink, Blue & Red


The link below (Scroll all the way down) has a very good tutorial on how to wear on this harness in Mandarin. If you dont understand Mandarin, that's fine, just watch the demonstration, pretty well done. Note, i do not own the video.

Marukan Rabbit Harness

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