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This is by far the best bedding we have used. It absorbs quicker than wood shavings, corb, asphalt and retains odour very well. Material aside, Breeder Celect Cat Litter is better than other brands of recycled paper with better absorbent-power, quicker drying and takes a longer time to disintegrate.This product as claimed, tracks your carbon footprint, presenting itself as an environmental-conscious brand. Helps save the earth by making use of recycled paper! And is safe for your pets in the event they consume the bedding!A cage that is lined with this recycled paper bedding can last for approximately a week before changing. Depending on how much food/drink your pet consumes, how much it excretes, their size and how many animals you keep in the cage. The size of the cage plays a part too. Here we refer to a typical 2 - 2.5 feet cage with 1 adult rabbit (Netherland Dwarf to Holland Lop size).


Breeder Celect Reycled Paper Cat Litter (30 L)

$41.00 Regular Price
$33.00Sale Price
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