All natural HEALTHY homemade treats for your pets - no artificial coloring, no artificial flavour! You dont have to worry about all the gunk your favourite pets are getting from commercial-bought treats. I've not fed any commercial treats after my kids tried these!
Net weight: 45g
Approximately 25pieces per pack
Ingredients: Just rolled oats, fruits, herbs, flowers, vegetables
For all rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and even dogs! (our dogs go crazy for these)
Lasts up to 6months
Popular flavours are almost always available with bi-weekly stock in.
Other flavours randomly available or can be requested.
Default flavours available: 
Blueberry n Banana (Most Popular)
Carrot n Wolfberry (Popular)
Apple n Barley (Popular)
Strawberry (Popular)
Cranberry n Italian Parsley (Popular but Seasonal)
Pea Flower n Black Grape
Kale n Basil (On Demand)
Peach n French Rose (On Demand)
Mango Lavender (On Demand)
Digestive Bites: Papaya, Pineapple and Timothy Hay (On Demand)
__Limited Edition Cookies (happens during festive seasons) are $7 each pack

Boo's Homemade Cookies