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Very sturdy wire, good paintwork and good quality cage. Dayang has gotten better over the years!

Model R61C comes with wire grid panels on both portions of the cage which can be easily removed for cleaning

We personally like the cleanliness of using good quality wire grills as it keeps the pets feet very clean. Also the grids of the wire reaches the edges/corners of the cage, which means that most of the pee will go down into the tray!

*note that rabbits tend to pee at corners, and for most plastic platform pull-out tray cages, the holes are located a few centimeters from the edge of the cage's side.. which means some pee will still be collected on the sides of the plastic platform (not 100% of the pee will drip below the tray)... which also means that bunnies may step on it and their feet may soak up all the pee.. which may lead to pee burns..

So a wire based cage may be advisable for bunnies that are not toilet trained+no sorehocks.

**not advisable for rabbits that have sorehocks

A small plastic panel may be added on some parts of the wires if you feel that ur bunny may need a non-wire corner to rest its feet at sometimes.

Length x Width x Height

82.5cm x 55.2cm x 67.5cm

83cm Dayang wire base pullout tray cage with wheels

S$208.00 Regular Price
S$190.00Sale Price
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