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Very convenient bottle for small animals. Most animals learn how to drink from this bottle readily. Suitable for baby animals. A smart choice for those who have many cages of bottles to refill- its an external refill bottle, just lift up the cap on top and top up water!

Comes with suction pads so u may use in tanks, and attachable clasp for exernal attachment.


Suitable for Rabbits, Chinchillas and Guinea PIgs.

An adult Netherland Dwarf drinks about half to 3/4 a day. An adult Holland Lop about 3/4 a day. An adult Guinea pig can finish about 1 bottle a day. 


Keep water fresh, change water and wash regularly!

Boiled water or tap water from Singapore's taps doesnt matter (:

Ferplast Sippy Drinking Bottle 600cc

S$17.00 Regular Price
S$14.00Sale Price