Simple wire grill top and plastic base. Just line the plastic base with bedding and clear them when its dirty. I've got many people asking how i keep my rabbits clean and white, there you go, simple cage and consistent upkeeping of the environments. I change my bedding about once a week, sometimes more often depending on the rabbit. no smell, no frills when done regularly.


2.5 Feet L x W x H = 80 x 48 x 44 cm ( 31" x 19" x 17" )

  • 1 front opening only 
  • 1.5" gap spacing between wires 
  • Can fit 2-3 Matured Netherland Dwarfs and 1-2 Matured Holland Lops of regular size (provided there's only the hay rack, bottle and food tray in the cage) 
  • Should only house 1 rabbit if he/she is of a larger breed 
  • Ensure he/she has room to stand and "tiptoes" to stretch 
  • Good enough as a startup investment housing for a rabbit's lifetime.

Basic 2.5ft (80cm) Cage