Length 58.5cm x Width 37.5cm x Height 40cm


Fits guinea pigs. Comfortable for 1 adult dwarf rabbit with toilet. Fits a pair of matured netherland dwarfs/ 1 small holland lop, but we would recommend that the rabbits be allowed to roam outside the cage for exercise time and the cage be a sleeping location (ie. a temporary cage/ shelter & feeding area).


Veryvery sleek cage!

  • Cheap alternative for more expensive pullout tray cages
  • Plastic base is detachable and the bunnies still stay within the compounded metal grills
  • Bunnies do not get to step on their pee and poo
  • Fine Wire platform ensures all the pee goes down to the plastic tray, unlike pullout tray cages with plastic platform (pee may get retained on the platform and bunnies feet may wipe the pee)
  • Wire base can be removed if prefered (so rabbit steps on plastic base)
  • 2 way door, top opening and front opening!


Available in 3 colours:


Alice Rabbio Small Cage 58.5cm (Wire Platform)

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